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For over 5000 years, seals have been the precious possession for any individual

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I have been working as a hand engraver since 1964, from which time I have endeavoured to create a workshop unique in Great Britain and learning as many skills in the field of engraving to the highest level possible.


I studied under a master engraver, the late Mr. Sid Perkins, at the School of Jewellery faculty at the University of Central England in Birmingham achieving a distinction in the City and Guilds Advanced Craft qualification. On Mr. Perkin's retirement in 1978 I followed in his footsteps as the engraving lecturer at the school of jewellery, developing the City and Guilds course and training many students in engraving skills.


During my time there I achieved Senior Lecturer status and also became founding member of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths, before leaving in 1989 to pursue my own business interests once more.


Throughout my career I have continued to study the different aspects of the engravers art. I have amassed a broad range of skills to offer a rare complete engraving service to an extremely professional standard:

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Neil Oliver was trained by the finest master engravers and has followed in their footsteps to produce the best hand engraving, preserving the highest qualities of traditional craftsmanship and old-fashioned customer service.


All Neil's work is done by hand - where others use mechanisation to cut corners or save time - you can be sure that your product is 100% the product of a master craftsman.


Because everything is hand-made you can also be sure that every product from Neil Oliver is unique - your signet ring will truly be a signature, yours like no other in the world.


Neil Oliver, the Sealmaker was started some years ago by Neil and his wife Kim, and is now growing, with the aid of the internet. This unique personal contact between you and the craftsman ensures that the item you purchase will be to your exact requirements


Part of our unique service is that we are available to offer expert and friendly advice to answer any queries and questions you may have.


We offer a very special "bespoke glass engraver" service, in which the signet ring is hand-made by Neil Oliver.

The design and carving of the model, in plaster of Paris, from which the new badge for the Bentley Motor Company was made.


Engraving the Seal for the Royal Warrant Holders Association.


Engraved glasses for the Duke of Wellington.


An engraved glass presentation piece for the retiring president of the Atlantic Salmon Trust.


Engraved glasses for the Lord Lieutenant of Moray.


A medal die depicting Alfred Nobel, for the North Ayrshire Education Authority.


A desk seal and wax impressions, depicting an imperial crown, used by the Royal Mail on a first class stamp in their “smilers” range.


Our engraving services are available in; Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow, Forres, Edinburgh.


Welcome to, the website for Neil Oliver, world class glass engravers and master craftsman. With over 45 years of experience in the trade, this site makes Neil's skills as an engraver available directly to you.


With examples of his bespoke work, products, testimonials and how to order directly from Neil, we also hope you enjoy finding out a little bit more about engraving and seals.

About Neil Oliver

The Neil Oliver Difference

Notable Commissions

Neil Oliver, F.I.P.G

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  • Lettering and line engraving

  • Seal engraving on both stone and gold signet rings;

  • Gun engraving

  • Die-sinking and ring carving

  • Copper wheel glass engraving.


I believe that it is always possible to continue to learn and to perfect the skills I have acquired.

A red seal engraved on a gold signet ring

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